Principal Cast Members

BRYNNE GALLAGHER (Brynne Maynard) is a captivating silver-grey eyed Pennsylvania actress and singer making her film debut in this production.

CHARLES LEEDER (Master of the Black Order) was last seen in the Hanover Street Theatre's production of Dr. Cook's Garden in the title role. An active local musician, composer, playwright, juggler, and actor, Charlie has appeared in numerous productions both in local theatre, New York City, and Philadelphia. He has received a Gold Dust Award for acting excellence for his participation in the longest-running play in the history of New Hope, Pennsylvania, A Catered Affair, which he also wrote. Television audiences may remember Charlie from the PBS program Meadowlands Marquee in which he appeared as Charlie the Answer Man and also helped to write.

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JEFF MOFFITT (Dr. Payson Alden III) is a New York area actor with a really cool car who is actively involved in several new film and TV productions including THE WATCHERS, SOCKS AND CAKES and an independent series in development, "Destinations: On Your Own."

BRENT SATORIS (Professor Haji Dhinn), a Bucks County, Pennsylvania model and student of philosophy, mysticism and religion (and author of How to Program the Universe), is also making his film debut in this production.

MARTHA ROBICHAUD (Myra Maynard), a stunningly beautiful model and actress from Maryland, is also making her film debut in THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA.

KERRIN PAUL (Varna) is a professional stage actress and singer from New Jersey who appeared recently in the Off-Broad Street Theatre production of "The Great American Backstage Musical."

JESSICA HOFF (Jess Sothern) is a student and portrait artist currently performing as Lady Macbeth in a live college stage production of Macbeth.


ERIC STEDMAN is an artist/writer/director from Newtown, Pennsylvania whose musical stage adaptations of Beauty and the Beast (yes, his was written before that "other one"), The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel and more (see Storyland Theatre for more info) are regularly produced in Queensland, Australia and all over the world. Other original productions included The Testimony of Lizzie Borden, produced in New Hope, Pa. and Fall River, Mass., and the premiere production of John Balderston's original Frankenstein script which was subsequently adapted to the screen as the Universal film featuring Boris Karloff. He currently restores and scores rare silent and sound films for DVD release through The Serial Squadron, including the Beatrice Fairfax and Masked Rider series and the recent release of the long-lost 1938 Lone Ranger serials. His restoration of Daredevils of the West is being shown for the first time this year at the Memphis Film Festival.

Historical Consultant/Location Manager
TERRY HARBIN of Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca, New York is the unofficial primary Wharton Studio historian and world's foremost expert on all things related to pre-Hollywood silent films made in Ithaca. He has also worked with Eric Stedman on the Beatrice Fairfax DVD series (another film series shot originally in Ithaca and produced by W. R. Hearst), on which he provides historical commentary. Terry also hosts the Ithaca-Made Movies Website.